the essay is

a culmination of feelings rooted in ideas of morality, where the essayist comes to terms with their own life, feelings, insecurities, and observations.

the essay aims to convince the readers that life is a certain way in an attempt to advocate for change

the essay is a memory that remains glued to the brain, right behind the eyes and oozing from the ears

the essay is tired of complacency

the essay is a realization that things were not as they should have been, but rather what they were and continue to be

the essay is an advocate for change in the face of oppression and complacency

the essay is in opposition of discourse

the essay is tired of existing in a world already formed in opinion and stubborn

the essay is striving to fit guidelines while concurrently breaking free, outside the restraints of the lines

the essay digs it’s claws deep into the brain and unhinges perception

the essay sheds new light that harbors meaning unfamiliar to the witness

the essay leaps over expectations

the essay follows guidelines

the essay breaks the rules

the essay shows and does not tell

the essay leaves interpretation up to it’s witnesses


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