The kid who ran for class office

Remember that guy? Relatively intelligent, a good student, known to party enough but not excessively? Strangely fitting in a lot of groups? Not really sure who specifically they are close to? Why do you care so much about homecoming float competitions?

Anyways that guy runs for class office, and then he, what? Does he become involved in real politics?

Note to self: follow up on people who ran for class office in high school.

Amendment to the note to self: find out who in high school was in class office.

This is the first presidential campaign that I have really very carefully followed. Maybe this one is particularly fascinating because of the candidates, but regardless, it’s intriguing. I was talking to someone recently who is visiting from Germany. What struck me the most about our government conversation was that she trusts German government. I found this odd, not because I don’t trust the US government, (which I don’t), but that I found the concept of trusting a government odd. Because I just never have. It didn’t occur to me that living under a government could be a different way.

Another thing that I hadn’t thought much about was that Germany recently had to rebuild their entire system. World War II absolutely wrecked German government. And while the rebuilding process has been terrible, really, and hard on their people, their government is now remade, built on principles that matter to the relatively current day, not something written two hundred years ago that hardly applies at all. The US government is as scattered as the church- none of us know how to interpret this stuff anymore.

Today I saw the first tabling of student government campaigners for the season. It’s funny comparing a college campaign to a presidential campaign, but really it’s still about the community, no matter how small. Lord knows I have no inkling whatsoever to participate, but I’d like to offer courage to those who do, as well as character. Because I shouldn’t innately not trust my government, nor should I hold the belief (that I do) that the slim pickings of politicians are mostly scum. I hope that our system can rebuild itself someday, without first having to be completely demolished, but I’m not sure it’s possible.


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