Something good for that ‘every once in a while’

So I’m sitting in bed at one in the morning playing a song on Itunes that I’ve bought for my cat to calm her down. There’s this organization that is creating songs that are scientifically proven to make your cat happy, or calm them down, or whatever, and it’s amazing. This one in particular, “Rusty’s Ballad,” (I can’t stop thinking how hilarious that is) really works on Louise to relieve her anxiety, I think.

Anyways, I realize that I’m insinuating my cat has anxiety, which means that I’ve probably psychoanalyzed her to some extent. Additionally, I am playing this song on loop and talking to my cat alone late at night. All signs point to crazy cat lady.

There’s this innate nurturing side of people that really comes out a lot of times with pets, even if the person doesn’t seem to be particularly warm towards humans, and it’s absolutely genuine. This devotion never really ceases to captivate me. Maybe we’re all just a little wounded, clinging to that thing that can never really hurt us, at least, not in the way that humans can. They need us, but we need them more, (Or at least, 1,000 years ago, because domestication).

Anyways, I think pets bring out if not the best, something really good in people. It’s nice to think that humanity has a good side, at least every once in awhile.


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