Fetty Wap, reveal your secrets

Google Search:

“Feddy Wop” x

“Fetty Wop” x

“Fetty Wap” ah, yes.

Apparently Fetty Wap is coming to the big number fest at OU this year. Of course, my follow up was,

“Who is Feddy Wop?”

To which my friend replied,

“You know who Fetty Wap is.”


No. No, I….. Umm.

Google Search:

“Fetty Wap”– wikipedia.

The first remarkable thing about Mr. Wap is, according to Wikipedia, he “began taking interest in music in 2013” and by 2014, had a hit single. That’s a quick turnaround. He must be doing something right. Of course, also, he “started off as only a rapper”  and “later decided to start singing as well” (And in this case, later probably means a matter of a month or two.)

My favorite part of the Wikipedia page, however, has got to be: “He was nicknamed “Fetty” (slang for money) as he was known for making money.” There is something purely hysterical about trying to write a factual report with information like this.

Anyways, Fetty is coming to OU, and we are all very excited.

Here’s to you, Mr. Wap. God bless ya.


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