Today I ordered a decaf cup of coffee…

… so let adulthood officially commence?

Or did I actually just skip over adulthood and go straight to eighty?

Regardless, I have this theory that I’m experimenting with, as follows:

If, after 5pm, I find myself wanting to get up out of my slump and go be productive, I need a cup of coffee. However, I know, being easily affected by whatever it may be I choose to ingest, that if I drink a cup of coffee at a later hour I will absolutely not be asleep before 1 am. Therefore, if I drink a decaf cup of coffee, I will be tricking myself in to thinking I am becoming caffeinated, while avoiding the repercussions of not getting a full night sleep. Let’s put it under the category of meta-mind tricks.

And hell, maybe this is the actually intended purpose of decaf coffee. Who knows. Having mocked mercilessly the idea of decaffeinated coffee in my lifetime, especially as a barista, I suppose I never thought to ask offending party why, and perhaps I should have. Note to self.

Anyways, I’ll let you know if it works or not.

I’ve been writing this week and not posting. I was feeling apprehensive about it. Let the records show, however, that I am forcing myself to do it regardless, since it’s still January, and the general public has at least three more weeks before completely abandoning the idea of a New Year’s Resolution. So stay tuned this week.



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