The Why: I manage to jot down vague sentiments of my own mind and ideas relating to writing while you read (or don’t) and carry on with your life

So it’s 2016.

First off, when the f*** did that happen? (My censorship is limited to just barely PG, as I will try to make this blog kid friendly while making sure to not disrupt the flow of my natural lexicon).

Anyways, it’s 2016. In less than five months time, I will be graduating college and catapulting myself in to an uncertain abyss that is so lovingly referred to as (this of course, is sarcasm, everyone you meet hates the) “real world.”

2015 was a very eye-opening year for me as I rediscovered something that I always had an inclination towards: writing. So in 2016, I have given myself the task of posting weekly on this blog in an attempt to connect with the blogging community, connect with myself through my own writing, and find my writer’s voice (sap sap sap).

So, why a blog? Is anyone reading this anyways? Personally, I think social media, particularly Facebook, is a fascinating phenomenon. Thousands and thousands of people share the most intimate details of their lives for everyone that they’ve ever even been slightly acquainted with to see. Part of me feels as though this is the most entertaining thing to ever happen to the world, and the other part makes me think, well shit, these people think people care way more about them than they actually do.

That sounds shitty, right? But come on, it’s so true. Honestly, it’s great that you’re off of the black tar, but only a quarter of your friends are reading your post and most of that quarter (such as me) are only reading it because we find you utterly fascinating and take screen shots of your post to share with our best friends. I’ll be the first one to admit I’m an asshole on the internet, and when you realize you are too, you can follow suit.

So, are people reading this? Probably not. To those who are, my sincere thank you, and I hope to offer you a new outlook on life, and if I cannot do even that, maybe you will be at least the slightest bit entertained (Perhaps the same level of entertainment you’d get from coming across a photo album on Facebook of dogs snapshotted mid-run, their jowls flowing in the wind….

On second thought, probably not, those are pretty damn perfect.)

Why blog in 2016? Because I can. Because it’ll help me as I attempt to have some sort of writing career. Because it helps me extract thoughts in my brain I wouldn’t otherwise face. Because I desire to share the most intimate details about my life with anyone who will listen. Because I want to connect with people about their thoughts and ideas, argue some, and have a good laugh or two.

So here’s to 2016, let’s make it a good one, because as of now, it’s all we have.

Screen shot 2016-01-05 at 12.21.55 PM



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